Comparing Aluminum and Iron Fences


Iron Fence vs Aluminum Fence. Which is better?

Aluminum fence has a taller rail with a screw, securing picket to it. Iron fence, on the other hand, has a shorter rail with no screw.

Metals are susceptible to rust. Aluminum will not rust if exposed to air over the bare metal, but Iron will.

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However, a layer of protective zinc coat galvanized over the bare iron metal will inhibit rust.

Both fences have a black outer coating, but Iron has an additional protective layer of galvanization underneath for rust inhibition. Similarly, they undergo the same multistage cleaning process where second layer of TGIC powder coat is applied as UV fade inhibitors, protecting it from graining and chalking.

Strength & Durability.
Iron is naturally stronger and heavy-duty than Aluminum. Iron railing is welded into one solid continuous piece while Aluminum is fed through the rail but it’s held with a screw.

Ease of Installation
Secure your iron fence panel to your post via the bracket and a self-tapping screw. Aluminum fits right inside the post and held on the outside with a screw. Before installing Iron, allow it to dry first then go and hang your panels. For Aluminum, put them and connect the fence at the same time while the cement is wet.

Other areas of consideration between aluminum fencing and iron fence are versatility and security. While aluminum fencing comes on top due to its versatility, Iron fencing is more secure.


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