Seven Tips For Tackling A Bathroom Remodeling Project


Whether they’re replacing outdated appliances or simply livening things up, there’s no doubt that homeowners love to remodel their bathrooms.

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, bathroom remodeling is the most requested job in the United States and accounts for 78% of renovations, so bathroom remodelers are kept pretty busy.

When broken down further, the numbers tell the tale of what’s being renovated as 90% of homeowners are changing the style of their master bathroom during an upgrade and 87% of homeowners renovating their bathrooms are updating their shower. Furthermore, more than four out of five homeowners are replacing major bathroom features such as flooring, countertops, sinks and showers.

Whether you’re putting in a new shower, replacing a faulty sink, ripping up tile flooring, organizing things or putting up new wallpaper, there are plenty of DIY tips that come in handy when undertaking bathroom upgrades.

  • Have A Plan: Whether you’re planning on remodeling a bathroom yourself or hiring a professional, having a plan is essential. That way you know exactly what your goals are and you can communicate your ideas to contractors from home improvement companies.
  • Don’t Mess With Plumbing: Replacing toilets or bathtubs in your bathroom isn’t easy, but you can save some money by using existing plumbing. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of shower/ tub installation and walls can range from $400-600 plus extra if there are any complications. Home Advisor also estimates the average toilet replacement costs around $350 or less, but complications could crank up those costs by several hundred dollars. Simply put, leave plumbing where it is and save money where you can.
  • Spruce Up The Mirrors: Mirrors can add character to a room, but keep in mind what they might reflect. Hanging a mirror in the right spot can visually expand a space and can also make a statement in a small space. A framed, full-length mirror for example can add a certain something to that room. Don’t be afraid to spruce up a mirror with a colorful frame to add character to your bathroom.
  • Take 10 On The Toilet: It’s already been established that replacing a toilet costs money. Rather than having bathroom remodelers replace your latrine straight up, take a minute to reconsider that decision. You can save money by replacing the lid and the toilet seat, giving your commode a fresh look while still retaining use of your existing toilet.
  • Invest in furniture: Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy after a house and a car. With so much cost associated with furniture, it pays to invest in good, quality pieces. No one says you need to invest thousands of dollars into bathroom furniture, but a few well-placed pieces can hide plumbing fixtures and add a little something more to the bathroom. If you’ve got towels and other odds and ends, keep them organized using polymer bins.
  • Say Ta Ta To Tile Flooring: Tile floor installation and bathrooms seem to go hand in hand, but there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Rather than defaulting to tile flooring, try putting in wood paneling or tile-looking replacements. Some of these alternatives might require more maintenance, but they can give your bathroom a fresh vibe instead of using plain tile flooring.
  • Add Shelves: Instead of feeling closed in and cramped by clutter, shelves take up less space and can showcase your bathroom rather than making it look like a storage closet. Using some sort of shelving can open up your bathroom and take away the stress of clutter. When it comes to bathroom designs, you can’t go wrong with shelves to easily store different toiletries and other bathroom essentials. If shelves aren’t your thing, try polymer bins for easier organization. You can even color code bins so you know where everything is.

Whether you use bathroom remodelers or tackle your bathroom as a DIY project, there are many ways to do a bathroom remodel and many benefits you’ll reap afterwards. Not only will your bathroom look brand new, but it offers a major return on investment as bathroom additions can offer at least an 80% ROI.

Online searches of bathroom remodeling projects offer plenty in the way of ideas to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.

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