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Bring your own device

Did you know that about sixty five million people in America own smartphones? When you consider just how many of these are business related, iPhone security is an important factor for businesses to look into.

One in five consumers, according to a recent Customer Intelligence Research Partners survey, said they will use the new iPad for business purposes. With Apple products so popular in todays market, iphone security is incredibly important if your business plans to use smartphones as part of its business plan. Iphone management, and therefore iphone security, are important especially when handling hundreds of phones given to a businesses employees. While blackberry phones have strong encryption system, iphones rely only on the users PIN. Therefore, iphone security software, which will deal with the issues surrounding the security of a businesses iphone if it is lost or stolen, is of vital importance.

A couple of methods that can be utilized for mobile device management such as iphone security are software as a service, also known as SaaS, and on premise models. SaaS is also often referred to as on demand software, is a method where software and the associated data are stored on a cloud. Benefits of SaaS include lowering IT support costs, because software maintenance is taken care of by the software provider. This is a great method for iphone security if all employees are given the same model phones. On premise software is installed and run from computers on the premises, and has grown less popular since the rise of SaaS.

One way to manage what software is on a businesses smartphones is through a Desktop Management Interface, also known as DMI. A DMI is a framework that allows businesses to manage both hardware and software components on its employees computers or smartphones. It is a great option for a bring your own device business model, where employers do not require or provide a certain device model for their employees.

Another important form of mobile device management that is needed is patch management. Patch management software allows large companies to keep the latest updates on computers or smartphones in order to prevent virus issues. This software makes the tedious task of identifying, finding, and updating computers that are not up to date much easier. Continue reading here:

Use Reliable Mobile Device Management

If you are the owner or manager of a small, medium or large company, then you have a lot of tech issues to think about. As the market gets more and more modern each year, the number of hardware and software tools that are available to your company grows. This added access to shared resources is great, but it comes with a growing need for security, as well.

To make sure that any shared resources you provide on a digital network remain safe, be sure to make use of reliable mobile device management. This is because mobile device management is a software tool that will help you keep out unwanted users. When you use mobile device management, you have a way to connect every device from a smartphone or tablet, to a desktop computer, to the network where you store financial records, contact lists and more.

However, doing this means that any time a member of staff loses their mobile device, you may be at risk of breach. This is where mobile device management comes in handy. Any device that has your mobile device management software on it will be able to be shut down by your central IT team, no matter where the mobile device may be. This means that a member of staff could leave a phone on a bus or train, then realize it is missing when they get to the office. All you have to do is let your IT manager know that the device is gone, and he or she can easily shut the phone off.

If it seems that the mobile device will not come back, then your mobile device management software can wipe the device remotely. This will clear any saved passwords and company documents from the memory on that mobile device. This added layer of security is a great way to attract new clients, because you can let them know that any sensitive info you share with one another will be at minimal risk for theft.

Your mobile device management will keep company and client data safe at all times, and it will keep your members of staff on point. This is because the device manager includes options to monitor application downloads, so you can enforce a policy that no company device is to have games on it. This will improve efficiency at your company and help you grow through the years.

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