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I’m Thinking Of Getting A Diesel Engine What Parts Should I Add To My Toolkit?

What’s the appeal of diesel over your traditional engine?

Ask any diesel enthusiast and you’ll get a dozen answers. In today’s increasingly energy savvy world, making a simple switch can have a domino effect that impacts every area of your life. When you enjoy a more efficient car you can reduce your day-to-day stress and improve your confidence. When you rely on diesel fuel over gasoline you close some doors…and open up others. There’s a lot to adapt to when you move from one area to another, but that’s nothing a little refresher course can’t help you with.

Why should you use diesel instead of gasoline? Let’s take a look at some basic facts about this vibrant, powerful resource.

Diesel Is Slowly Becoming The Preferred Fuel Type For Many

Look around you and you’ll find a significant chunk of your city or town filled with diesel users. According to a 2015 study at least 15 million single-passenger vehicles and light trucks were sol

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How Old Is The Internet?

The early Internet was born in 1968 out of NASA and Stanford's ARPAnet. However, the Internet didn't reach the general public until the late 1980s with public services like Prodigy and CompuServe. Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in 1993.

Birth of the Web

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